Sex for Shelter - The Homeless Homosexual

This is rather an open letter to Parents out there who have children who happen to be Homosexual.

Please take this from someone who has gone through it in the 80's, and trust me it has not changed much since.

There are an estimated 500K Homeless Youth in America, 40% are LGBT. Again, estimated. Just like with Homeless counts we will never know the true hard figure.

So let's talk about "Timmy". Timmy is a beautiful, (this is important) white, blonde, 17 year old boy preparing for high school graduation. He may be preparing to go into the ROTC after school and then go on to become a Marine. Everything parents would want for their handsome young man.

One day mom is cleaning Timmy's room and finds love letters written to Timmy from a guy on the football team. She is shocked as she reads letters that are not that different from the letters her husband once wrote to her. Except these are between two young men and one of them is her son.

She calls her husband who rushes home from the office and reads the letters.

They sit on the couch waiting for Timmy to come home from football practice. When he enters, they immediately confront him with the letters. 

Shocked and caught off guard, Timmy states quietly that yes, he is in love with a guy on the football team.

His mother weeps, while his father gives him an ultimatum; become straight right now, this minute or get the hell out.

Timmy doesn't know how to "become straight". He agrees to leave the only home he's ever known. His father doesn't even let him go up to his room to pack. "Those things belong to my son, and you are no longer my son!"

Timmy is cast out into the streets with only the clothes on his back.

He calls around to his relatives, but they tell him he is "dead to them".

He uses the last few dollars in his pocket to take the bus downtown to a shelter.

He's given a bed, but because of his good looks, he is immediately hit on by three men. All over 50 or 60 years old. Remember Timmy is still only 17.

He cries himself to sleep. And indeed, he can't really sleep because creepy men keep slipping their hands under his blanket trying to get at him.

At 2am, Timmy gets out of bed, puts his shoes on and slips out the back door of the shelter into the cold wet night.

He spends the next few days, walking the streets and panhandling to make money to eat at McDonald's.

One day a clean looking man in a fancy suit offers to let Timmy sleep on his couch. What he really means is in his bed, but Timmy won't find that out until later.

After a good meal in a beautiful apartment, and the first hot shower he's had in days, Timmy finds himself in bed with this man who gave him a fake name, having unprotected anal sex.

The next morning as the man dresses for work, he tosses Timmy $40 and tells him to hit the bricks.

Timmy pockets the money and leaves.

Realizing he can use his looks to make money, Timmy repeats this over and over again. Becoming quite popular amongst the local hustlers.

Then one day he isn't feeling so well, and checks in at the free clinic and they tell him he's HIV Positive and probably has been for some time.

They give him some antibiotics, but the actual HIV meds cost $3,000 a month. So that's that.

Timmy is found dead in the back of a cross town bus, where they thought he was just sleeping, at the age of 19.

So think about that next time you feel the need to toss your child out into the street.

Also "Timmy" was white, blonde and pretty. I was tall Black and skinny. I didn't have as many takers as Timmy.

Was everything I wrote here fiction? I wish it was.